West Michigan is well-known for its can-do design attitude – we embrace innovation and the creative vision, understand form and function, and have old-school precision manufacturing in our blood. This unique combination is embodied at Lowing Light & Grip and Lowing Studios, we’re a solid resource for all your production needs. We know how to get the job done, and done right - specifically for you.

Features, corporate videos, commercials, shorts, docs, interviews, student films, web series, live and recorded entertainment, or any other media arts you aim to create, our inventory is extensive and flexible enough to support any size project. We have a wide range of the latest and most popular equipment, an on-site machine shop for repair services, and partners in the business who assist us with supplemental items. If you have a unique shot in mind that’s ahead of its time, we’ll work with you to understand what you are looking to achieve - then access every resource at our disposal to provide the right piece of equipment and the right crew to meet your needs.

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Whether you’re a national, international, regional, or local operation - if you’re shooting in West Michigan or anywhere in the Midwest, you’re going to love our expertise and can-do attitude at Lowing Light & Grip and Lowing Studios. From rentals, expendables, crew, studio space, truck packages, and referrals for other local services - we have over 30 years of industry experience to get you connected and help arrange everything you need for a successful shoot in our neck of the woods.

We look forward to becoming a valued part of your team. Call or email us today!

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Our Company

We are a lighting, grip, and camera support rental company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the largest city on the west side of the state. Grand Rapids is close to beautiful Lake Michigan, and lands about midway between Detroit and Chicago. Our administrative office, complete expendables store, and warehouse with extensive inventory are on the southwest side of Grand Rapids in the adjacent city of Wyoming. Our studios are located nearby, on the north side of Grand Rapids in Plainfield Township. We serve the entire Midwest, with most rental clients predominantly served in the West Michigan area. We frequently cover Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing, Holland, Muskegon, and the lakeshore from Benton Harbor south to Traverse City in the north. Additionally, we are more than happy to ship or deliver expendables from our online store to wherever you need them.

Our History

Dave Lowing started Lowing Light & Grip in his garage in 1985. Back then it was just him and a light kit, but he also brought with him a resume that spanned sheet metal, steel, and wood project design; maintenance and mechanical knowledge; stagehand work with IATSE credentials; and an understanding of audio/visual technologies among other skills. He worked on small to medium-sized industrial, commercial, and educational productions.

Over the years, he invested heavily in equipment and the business grew to new offices and warehouse locations, with six full time employees and expanded services. The focus was and is always on offering quality and well-maintained equipment.

Today, our main warehouse is an 18,000 square foot building with a substantial inventory. The recently acquired studio space adds another 8800 square feet and features two soundstages with amenities. This expansion conveniently consolidates all client production needs for an efficient, comprehensive experience. With us, you have access to the Lowing Studios facilities, the expertise of our staff, additional resources as needed through the expansive rental inventory of Lowing Light & Grip, and connections to a full range of our production service partners.

With the addition of Lowing Studios to Lowing Light & Grip comes great responsibility to the filmmaking community. We value our relationships and promise to exceed expectations and ensure our commitment to quality, value, and experiences for every client and partner.

Lowing Light & Grip and Lowing Studios are more than just building locations, but good neighbors as well. The warehouse and office space is located just off the main thoroughfare of Chicago Drive on the southwest side of Grand Rapids, and the building was once a thriving bakery in the early Dutch immigrant and developing Latino communities of the 60s, 70s and 80s. After several generations, the bakery owners closed the business and the building deteriorated until Lowing Light & Grip saw the potential for our expanding needs. After much investment in rehabilitating the facility, our company moved in and found it a very comfortable fit. Every year, Lowing Light & Grip hosts a festive summer gathering where all staff, clients, partners, and neighbors are invited to get to know each other.

Across town, the Lowing Studios building began life as Deano’s Studios in 1998, when owners Dean Horn and René Anderson researched the best possible location for the facility, especially for quality sound production. It sits low enough to avoid noise from air traffic or trains and is the largest purpose-built production studio in the area. Lowing Light & Grip purchased the studios in early 2017 to provide services for commercial, corporate television, feature-length films, and more in the space.

Our Process

The team at Lowing Light & Grip builds all relationships, both internal and external, on integrity and trust. We understand each role a crew member fulfills on your production and from the moment of contact—whether through a DP, gaffer, production manager, assistant, or any others—we make sure we’re speaking in the same language as the ball gets rolling. We are efficient at evaluating lists, asking questions, researching and translating for similar equipment with different names, determining labor needs, suggesting options and sharing experiences, and pulling together our design team when a unique problem needs to be solved. We are on call 24/7, and if something needs to be addressed immediately before or during a shoot, we are available and ready to help solve the issue. Our process is not just about sales and filling order forms with generic equipment, we strongly believe consulting is part of the service to ensure the client gets the right equipment for the project and for their end goal. That knowledge and ability to evaluate each project from start to finish to fulfill needs is an integral part of our process.

Important Company Information

FEIN, MI State Sales Tax License, and DUNS numbers available upon request.

Need to pay us by credit card? That's great! We have an Online Payment feature built in to our accounting system. We will send you the invoice you wish to pay, with a link to the site where you can pay it. Create a username and password for yourself, (or use the ones you created previously) and pay your bill in the most secure manner. This will update our system with your card information, and we never have the full information of your payment card in our possession. Questions? Call us.

Exempt from paying Michigan Sales and Use Taxes and want to let us know about it? Here's the Michigan Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form 3372. Fill this out once and we'll keep it on file as long as you are in business.

Are you a new customer and need to tell us all about yourself including your addresses, phone numbers, methods of payment, credit references, and all that good stuff? Fill out this New Customer Information and Credit References Package and send it back to us by fax or e-mail.

Impressum and Colophon

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