Question: What? You require insurance?

Answer: Yes. If you rent equipment from us, we require that you are properly insured against loss, damage, liability, and any catastrophe that might befall you in a way that affects our equipment, people, business, reputation, and/or ability to carry on as a business. This should not be a surprise to you.

Question: OK. So, what kind of insurance do I need?

Answer: According to our insurance provider, the coverage we need from you falls into the following two categories with the following areas and amounts of coverage:

Cameras, Lighting, Grip

  • Equipment coverage of $1,000,000.
  • Third Party Property Damage Liability of $1,000,000
  • Commercial General Liability of $2,000,000
  • Additional Insured on the Commercial General Liability coverage
  • Loss Payee for the rented Equipment
  • Evidence showing Workers Compensation and Employers Liability if applicable


  • Physical Damage for Rented Vehicles: $125,000 per Truck, $750,000 per Crane
  • Non-owned and Hired Automobile Liability of $1,000,000
  • Loss Payee for the rented Vehicles

Keep in mind that your insurance limits are per loss aggregate limits as respects the property coverage. That means if you incur a loss, your coverage must be sufficient to satisfy our needs, but also the needs of any other vendor or business partner that may be affected. We understand that the values above seem like a lot, especially if you are a smaller producer. Remember that catastrophes add up quickly. If you must have coverages at a lower level, we can discuss.

Question: How do I prove to you I have all this?

Answer: Your insurance provider should be familiar with the procedures. The standard ACORD form will suffice.

Make sure that the Additional Insured reads:
Lowing Light & Grip, Inc.
1500 Whiting Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

Question: Can you show me?

Answer: Click here for the detailed requirements as described by our insurance provider.
Click here for a sample ACORD certificate form.

Question: Does my insurance coverage expire?

Answer: Yes it does! We try to keep your insurance information current in our system. Your Rental Forms should indicate the month and year that we think your insurance will expire. If it is blank, out of date, or marked as REQUIRED or PENDING, then we need a new certificate from you.

Question: Ya know, that seems like a lot of insurance you're asking me to carry when I'm only renting ten bucks worth of stuff from you. Can't you tell me what the Replacement Value is on the equipment and I will cover you for that only?

Answer: First, you know better than to think that anything we rent to you is that inexpensive to replace. This stuff is expensive and we work very hard to make sure it is, and remains, available to you in our market.

Second, Making an individualized replacement cost statement for any rental project takes an inordinate amount of time to complete accurately. Frankly, the overhead that such an activity would add to your projects would increase the rental costs to the point where we would be unaffordable to you.

Last, and most important, is that Insurance is not about us. It is about You. It proves to us that you understand the nature of the risks you are taking. As stated above, the values we require are about your activities, not our equipment. When something goes wrong, many people are going to start sniffing for money. This level of insurance coverage proves to us that you can protect us in the case of a catastrophe. Without sufficient coverage, once you are professionally and personally wiped out, a victim will come looking for us next. Your insurance protects us and your other business partners.

Question: I really need another way to make this insurance thing work. How can you help me?

Answer: There is an option. When Lowing Light & Grip personnel work on your project as paid crew members provided through our rental and service agreement, our insurance coverage may be sufficient. Note well the requirements for this to work. Our crew must be on the gig, paid through our invoice. Most importantly, those crewpersons must be the only ones who handle the equipment. Ask us before assuming this is a valid alternative for you. It is an option, but it is not a great one. We should talk.

Question: OK, I'm ready! Where can I buy?

Answer: That depends. Start with the insurance agent or provider you already know. See what they can do for you. Ask your friends and other professionals you know for references. We have a list of agencies that we know or work with on the Friends & Family Links page.

Question: What else do I need to do?

Answer: I don't know. Call me.